How to Repair a Fence? The Easy Guide You Should Follow

How to Repair a Fence? Easy Steps to Follow

With the fact that nothing lasts forever, you can suppose that fences aren’t an exception to this rule, even if they are built to last. Therefore, you should learn how to repair a fence.

If you assume that you have to replace the entire fence of your property when you discover a problem, this blog about how to repair a fence will help you clear up doubts. You’ll realize that replacing the fence isn’t the only option.

At the moment that you realize that your fence is damaged, the first thing is to make a decision; if it can be repaired or you have to remove it. A vital part that you should know is that all the fences need constant maintenance to ensure it lasts.

How to Repair a Wooden Fence? The Most Popular Type of Fence

There are different environmental factors that can damage your fence. Wood is susceptible to natural influences, especially rot. Therefore, taking care of those points is essential for making your fence last its lifespan, especially when exposed to rain.

If you previously got a fence installation, you’ll know that fixing a fence could be a future task for you. Home improvement includes different projects, but a thing shared between them is that all need maintenance.

Wood fencing is the most common choice and is the favorite option for many people due to its privacy characteristics. At this point, you could ask yourself how tall is a fence for privacy advantages; you can read up on our blog to find out the answer.

Benefits of Learning To Do Your Owns Repairs 

advantages of fence reparations

  • Budget and Cost
  • Time
  • Privacy

You have to consider the cost of replacing the entire fence vs. repairing a segment of the fence will be cheaper.

On the other hand, you also need to consider the amount of time you’ll spend repairing your fence because it can be very time-consuming.

Moreover, you should consider the time you will need to wait if you go with a professional. At DJ Fence, it takes us about two weeks to get you on our job schedule.

Another advantage is that if you repair the fence with a contractor or by yourself, you can learn how to do it for the experience you will obtain; it also gives you a clue of how to provide the correct maintenance to your fence.

Reparations for Sections in Your Fence

reparations for sections in your fence
By following the next steps of how to repair a fence, you’ll ensure a sturdy result.

  • Examine the entire fence
  • Measure the area and remove damaged parts
  • Change the Sections
  • Use a Proper Staining or Paint

Examine the Entire Fence

The first step is to visually examine the entire fence, find and identify the damage or rotted wood. After you find the part that requires repairs, measure the segment.

Measure the Area and Remove the Damaged Parts

measure the area and remove the damaged parts
After you measure areas needing repairs, you should remove the nails and remove the rails or posts of the fence that are rotted or damaged.

Change the Sections

Now that you have removed the damaged part, you can install the new pieces and restructure the section of your fence.

Use a Proper Staining or Paint

Apply the paint or staining to keep natural wood longer and ensure the valuable life of your wooden fence.

How to Repair a Metal Fencing: Chain Link Fence

how to repair a metal fencing: chain link fence

This type of fence is basic and durable, and also it has common problems in specific parts that can affect the entire fence to the point that you need to change the whole fence.

The natural condition can affect your fence even if you give it maintenance. Fences are not indestructible; for that reason, you should evaluate every so often to take care of your fence before it becomes a big problem; this will help you avoid an expensive project.

Chain Link Fence a Common Problem

A common problem that you can have with chain link fences is the deterioration in the fence rails. The restoration of the fence rail is an easy process because you can replace this damaged part without significant problems.

You can learn how to fix a fence by following these simple steps.

  • Inspect the damaged area in your fence
  • Measure the part that needs to be repaired in your fence
  • Mark the area
  • Cut the segment
  • Replace the part of the rail
  • Reconnect the section

Inspect and Measure the Damaged Area in your Fence

To start with rails reparation, you have to inspect the area and measure the damaged part.

Mark the Area

After measuring the area, you have to mark the line on both ends of the fence rails that you need to cut.

Cut the Segment

With the new fence rails, you need to mark the exact length that you need to replace; you need to cut the pieces of the rail; you can use a pipe cutter or a hacksaw, but you can contact us for personalized pieces of information.

Remember that you can do it by yourself with the security equipment; however, you can always call an expert to do it for you properly.

Replace the Part of the Rail and Reconnect the Section

With the new fence rails, all you need to do is reconnect it with the fence rail in the space where the damaged part is and reconnect the section of the chain link that was welded to the segment of the rail you removed.

The Right Process to Follow for You

fence installation and reparation

Now that you know the steps of how to repair a fence, this task will be easier for you. However, if you have some doubts or want to see if it is recommended to replace the fence, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also, if you have discovered other types of issues in your fence, don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized information. We’ll be more than happy to help you!

If you want to leave your project in professionals’ hands, call us today and get a free estimate!