Creative Deck Patio Ideas For Your Home | Your New Favorite Place

Creative Deck Patio Ideas For Your Home | Your New Favorite Place

A marvelous deck can be a great place to relax after a long day. Therefore, you need unique deck patio ideas to plan your wonderful outdoor room and turn your patio into a special place where you can have a fire pit and pleasant moments to hang out with friends and family.

Moreover, you can create an outdoor living space; the deck patio can include covered areas to provide protection for outdoor televisions and the elements that you want to place in your deck.

There are also several ways to make a deck in your patio into a relaxing outdoor oasis. Below are a few ideas for adding a deck to your home; keep reading to discover the best deck ideas.

Deck Patio Ideas: Essential Elements to Take Into Consideration

The design and construction of a deck should take appearance and functionality into account. There are plenty of trendy deck ideas that can inspire you.

You can create different styles combining various elements of the following deck patio ideas:

  • Decks design with shades pergola
  • Artistic space in your existing deck
  • Deck with an outdoor kitchen
  • Deck in your patio as part of the living area
  • Cabanas to enhance your deck
  • Authentic two-level deck

On the other hand, remember that some ideas can vary due to the material of your deck, for instance: composite deck and wood deck. If you’re looking for a deck builder in Arlington, VA, DJ Fence is near you.

Decks Design with Shades Pergola

decks design with shades pergola
Adding a shaded pergola to your deck is a perfect decision in summer. They’re ideal for shading your space due to the sunlight while ensuring fresh air circulation.

A pergola on its own is already a stylish and functional element; however, you could consider including a climbing vine on a trellis.

Fast-growing vines will provide instant shade and cover the frame in no time. Likewise, planting a flowering trellis will give you additional privacy and color for an extra distinguished touch.

As a result, you’ll have a natural yet glamorous and eye-catching look in your deck and your entire outdoor space, where you and your friends can have photoshoots when gathering.

You can also use arbors and grow climbing plants to provide shade and function like a classic doorway to your garden.

Artistic Space in Your Existing Deck

If you have an artistic soul, you can express it through your deck design. In other words, you could turn it into your particular microcultural center.

Choose colorful art pieces. Painting, photographs, and sculptures are great additions to any outdoor area. Similarly, hanging colorful kites on the walls of your deck can make it the perfect place for family gatherings.

An architectural salvage piece will also make an exciting addition to your outdoor decor. Remember that the pieces have to be weather-resistant; those pieces will add a fun and playful touch to your space.

You should install a safety fence or railings if you’re worried about your children or pet’s safety, so everybody can participate in the artistic and playful activities that you could organize outdoors.

Deck with an Outdoor Kitchen

deck with an outdoor kitchen
Consider creating an outdoor kitchen area if you have a space on your patio or next to the deck. If space allows, install a coffee table and chairs.

Adding weather-resistant outdoor furniture will make this area more inviting, so your patio can serve as a multi-use area, in other words, like an outdoor living room.

To create the ideal space for hosting friends and family gatherings, you can add an equipped bar or bring a mini-fridge out and have the classic grill to host barbecues.

Deck in Your Patio as Part of the Living Area

Certainly, a deck can extend your living area. With the help of professional deck constructors, you can build this space to conform to the shape of your backyard and give you access to your entire patio.

A backyard deck with furniture will give you the sense of extending your living area. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to bring some usual indoor activities to the outdoors. Think about working, reading, or even watching a film in your deck, if the space allows it.

You can even grow plants with a landscaping design that matches the whole place, so you can incorporate a screened patio into your home to create an outdoor space with a relaxed vibe.

Cabanas to Enhance your Deck

cabanas to enhance your deck
Cabanas are a great way to enhance your deck. These structures can vary from wooden or metal frames and range in style and colors.

Depending on your budget, you can choose a simple and temporary cabana or an elegant and long-lasting one.

Unlike pergolas, cabanas offer more privacy and protection against wind and rain, allowing you to have more delicate furniture, even porch swing beds or a hot tub. Your open deck will look cozier and more protected with this original deck idea.

Authentic Two Level Deck

two level deck

A two-level deck will make your outdoors more unique and visually attractive due to the original transition from one level to another. This transition doesn’t have to be too high, as it could cause accidents. Make it simple, like a one or two-step stair.

By using this design, you can create two separate spaces, each one serving a different purpose. For instance, consider decorating the lower space as an outdoor living room and the higher level as the bar area to have drinks. You can get creative with two-level decks.

Professional Assistance for Deck Patio Ideas

professional assistance for deck patio ideas
You don’t have to rebuild some parts of your deck, changing the design could be as simple as including some extra elements like the ones mentioned above.

In short, don’t be afraid of dreaming big when planning to add a new deck or renovate the one you have. You can combine some of these deck design ideas or get inspiration to create your original one.

If you’re unsure about your new deck’s style or want to improve the one you have, don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized information.

Here at DJ Fence, we are outdoor enthusiasts, and we will enjoy working with you on your next deck upgrade or construction!

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