Which One Should I Use Between Chain-Link vs. Wood Fence?

Which One Should I Use Between Chain-Link vs. Wood Fence?

When it comes to outdoor planning, you will always end up having to set the boundaries of your property. Besides, behind the chain-link vs. wood fence decision, there are many elements we should take into consideration because not all zones and neighbors are the same. 

That means having to place a physical barrier at the edges, either to prevent things from getting in or from accidentally working on land you do not own. Also, there are many designs and costs, so keep reading to find the option for you.

Main Differences Between Chain-Link vs. Wood Fence

There exist many differences between chain-link vs. wood fences, but both offer distinct advantages. Meanwhile, chain-link fences provide multiple benefits like low maintenance, security, and, most importantly, they have a life longer than wood. Wood fences provide an aesthetic look, cost-effective results, and more privacy. 

Fences can be built of different materials, and there are many aspects you will have to consider when choosing your fence. Both have unique processes of installation, but both fence materials are the best of the best.

Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fences provide different qualities that have advantages and disadvantages, most of the time, like any other service. Metal fences of this type allow you to see through to the other side and are generally stronger than wood, which means that only wire cutters could cut them.

Pros and Cons of Chain-Link Fences

Benefits of Getting a Chain-Link Fences

When it comes to choosing a chain-link fence, there exist a lot of advantages.  Chain-link fences can cover extensive areas with a more accessible cost. Also, these fences offer more security; that’s why we can see them in different places like schools, backyards, or public buildings like jails. 

Furthermore, more residential and commercial areas prefer it for those advantages, and even better, the maintenance is relatively low. Most of the time, they are more extended than wood fences due to the low price. Also, chain link fences won’t sag over time like a wood fence.

Moreover, chain-link fences are quick to install, so people that need to cover long distances prefer these metal fences. In general, metal fences are more cost-effective in larger spaces, like parks or courtyards. They are also better used for small gardens or areas with wildlife nearby, so they do not disturb the area.

Drawbacks of Having a Chain-Link Fences

As with any other object, this fence has some disadvantages. Unfortunately,  their construction allows for easy climbing, their structure makes it flexible to the point of bending, and they are harder to repair. Corrosion is another lousy aspect.

Moreover, these fences present other problems, such as appearance, essential for many homeowners in residential neighborhoods. It won’t give you an aesthetic design due to the metal chains. Also, if we talk about privacy, these fences do not cover the entire house because there are spaces between the chain links, and they don’t give economic value to your home as wood fences. 

Wood Fences

This fence type is heavier, sturdier, and generally more expensive than its metal counterpart. There are different materials to build a fence, but undoubtedly, wood fences are one of the best in the market due to homeowners’ natural and aesthetic views. 

Pros and Cons of Wooden Post Fences

Advantages of Wooden Fences 

Some of the most significant advantages of wood fences are the cost-effectiveness, the variety of designs, and the value they add to your house. You can design your fence as you want and add the colors you want. Most importantly, they offer privacy and security at the same time. Besides, one important aspect is that they are eco-friendly and do not suffer from corrosion. 

One con of wood fences is the long-time installation, as each post must be individually buried alongside the rest to create the continuous wall. However, this type of fence does look a lot nicer, and there are more options to paint or even decorate. 

Flaws of Wooden Fences 

Furthermore, some disadvantages of wood fences are stains, limited duration, and vulnerability to some weather conditions. As you might know, wood easily cracks over time, and the water damages the structure. Compared to chain links, wood fences last no more than seven years, depending on the maintenance. 

Sadly, wood fences are more vulnerable to bugs, fire, and humidity, so professionals should analyze the construction. Also, you can fix the wood fence by painting or staining the wall. Be sure to choose the right kind of wood for this fence type as well.

Wood fences are better suited for smaller areas, such as your backyard or separate sections on a small personal farm. If your only concern is your neighbor’s children playing on your lawn, this type of fence will suit you best.

Is a Chain Link Fence Cheaper Than a Wooden Fence?

Yes, chain-link fences are cheaper than wooden ones due to their different materials, installation, and outstanding durability. There are many elements to consider; for example, most of the chain links and brackets have lower prices than pine wood.

Also, everything is about aesthetic value and security. You could read that some houses increase their values with wood fences, giving better house protection and view. In contrast, a chain-link wall allows others to see through it and climb so that it won’t bring security and privacy. 

Besides, wood should be treated using particular products, which afford durability of approximately 15 years. This is another aspect that increases the value of wooden fences. Plus, rail fences and posts are durable, and a more linear foot means more money. 

Choosing Between Chain-Link and Wood Fence

In a way, chain-link vs. wood fence is a choice between solid but pliable and hard but breakable. The things that would push back chain links will not move wood, but the hits that will break wood will not damage chain links.

As with any other structure, both offer different qualities and benefits. Everything depends on your zone, weather conditions, and budget. It is essential to determine if you are looking for a fancy fence or an affordable one. But it is crucial to count on an extra professional hand. 

As there exist different types of wood, you can choose the one you like more. If you are looking for something cheaper, a galvanized metal fence will be perfect for you. Also, wood fences require careful treatment, which makes them expensive. 

One thing that maybe you don’t know is that there exist some fences that are mixed from both materials. Split rail chain link fences are another great option. But, you should be careful to clean by using particular products with special processes to avoid removing them because when you mix metal and wood together, you must be careful. 

Chain-link vs. wood fence: what do you want? Now, it’s time to identify what fits with your customs. As fence experts, we recommend you count on professional help to identify and analyze the best option for you. Remember to consider DJ Fence for your fence installation, whether it’s a wooden or a chain-link one!