Discover Which Is the Best Wood for Fence

Discover Which Is the Best Wood for Fence

Welcome to the DJ Fence blog! Here you will find the best information about fences, decks, gates, and much more! Today we want to share a complete guide to identifying which is the best wood for fence installation.

We know that there are many options to choose from, but we will focus on the top ones.

For its aesthetic value, wood is one of the most popular options for homeowners when considering materials to build a fence. However, not all types of wood are ideal for fencing; that is why you need to make the right choice.

Wooden fences are a great addition to any home. If you are looking for a way to add privacy, security and reduce noise in your house, you should install a fence.

So what type of wood should you use?

It will all depend on the climate, your budget, and your expectations. Do not worry; our team is here to help you make the right decision. Read this post till the end, and you will be clear of which type of wood you should select to build your new fence.

Which Is the Best Wood for Fence?

Type of Wood Fences

Before mentioning the common types of woods for fences, we need to mention some things you need to consider before choosing an option. Firstly, consider the local weather conditions when selecting the lumber for your fence. Then, research to identify how vulnerable to insects is the wood.

To decide which is the best wood for a fence, you need to compare cedar wood, cypress wood, and redwood. It is important to mention that all these options offer various benefits, such as longer lifespans and resistance to weather elements.

Now that we mentioned the top wood types, it’s time to explain why we choose them. Once you are clear of these materials’ advantages, you will be ready to make an intelligent investment.

Cedar Wood Is a Rot Resistant Option

Benefits of a Cedar Fence

We wanted to talk about cedar wood first as it is one of the most popular options. Depending on the source’s quality and the installation process, a cedar wood fence can last up to 25 years. It will all depend on the maintenance and the weather conditions.

This durable wood has natural chemicals that act as an insect repellant, so you will not have to worry about pests. What is also great about cedar wood is that it is a good option for people with a tight budget.

If you want to ensure that your cedar wood fence lasts even more, then you can give it a paint or wood stain finish. Doing this will also help prevent the fence from turning gray or getting discolored.

Some people paint cedar wood fences with acrylic. This is because acrylic helps to protect the fence from the elements. However, others prefer to stain it instead. As a result, they maintain the wood’s natural beauty.

Besides this, you can also apply a sealant to cedar wood. What this will do is add extra protection and prevent UV rays from discoloring it.

In other words, install a cedar wood fence if you want something that will last you for many years without getting damaged!

Cypress Wood Is One of the Most Durable Materials for Fencing

Benefits of a Cypress Wood Fence

Cypress wood is an excellent choice for any fencing project. One of the main benefits of this wood type is that it has one of the best weather-resistant qualities. We recommend cypress as it is a spectacular and versatile material.

If you are looking for a highly durable wood type, then you definitely should pick cypress.

Just like cedar wood, cypress is also rot-resistant. This type of wood contains cypretine, which helps deter insects. As a result, cypress lasts longer than other types of wood.

The downside to cypress wood is that it is more on the expensive side compared to cedar wood. The reason behind this is that cypress trees are native in the Southern area of the United States. Thus, you have to pay for the transportation costs.

Cypress wood is also costly because it is difficult to find and has a high demand.

The higher upfront costs are worth it as you won’t have to repair it very often. Even though cypress wood is softwood, it is a great option for your fence. This type of fence will stand against the elements of nature as well as insects.

Redwood Secretes Natural Oils That Repel Insects

Benefits of a Redwood Fence

Nothing compares to the natural softness and luster of redwood. It may be expensive, but it offers a unique finish. It is resistant to insects, shrinking, decay, and warping from the elements.

Redwood is also among the most popular options for fences.

Even though this type of wood is also rot and insect resistant, we recommend staining it. You could opt for a clear stain so that you preserve redwood’s natural beauty. This will also prevent it from getting discolored or turning gray.

The downside to redwood is that it can get damaged from freezing, constant moisture, dry conditions, and thawing. For that reason, you must protect it with a stain and a sealant.

With proper care and maintenance, your redwood fence can last for a long time. You can apply a sealer once or twice a year so that it keeps its natural color.

Redwood is on the expensive side, just like cypress wood, but the cost is worth it.

Now that you have a better idea of what is the best wood for fence installation, it’s time you make a decision. Installing a fence is a great home improvement idea that will bring beauty to your yard. So, make sure that you choose the right type of wood.

Whichever option you go for, we guarantee you that a wooden fence will completely transform your yard. In other words, you can never go wrong with a wood fence.

Call us now if you have problems when choosing a wood type for your fencing project. DJ Fence is here to help you!